COVID-19 & DZONE® Skydiving

The United States Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency, has stated that aviation instruction is an essential infrastructure.

Aircraft Sanitization and Transmission Mitigation

All participants should be in a full face helmet or when unsafe to do so such as a Tandem Student, in a suitable covering such as a “buff” or neck gaiter.

DZONE®, with no guarantee of effectiveness, will be spraying the aircraft interior with a broad spectrum disinfectant in between flights.

Facility Sanitization

Facilities will be cleaned regularly with disinfectant paying careful protection of parachuting equipment from harmful chemicals.

Parachuting Equipment Sanitization

Per the Parachute Industry Association, the only safe option shall be a 3-day quarantine of any equipment known or suspected to be in contact with a positive case of COVID-19.


  • Practice Social Distancing in our Outdoor Areas

  • Your temperature will be taken on arrival (>100F shall be sent away until healthy again)

  • Continue to be respectful as usual

  • Notify staff if you feel ill

  • Limit your visit to aviation activities until we are all cleared for hugs and normal socializing.


Boise – May 1st
Bozeman – May 16th
Coeur d’Alene – July 17th


  • Must purchase or provide your own goggles (no more sharing)
  • We have custom DZONE® Goggles available for $13.80 which can be used for over one hundred jumps or other activities.
  • Cannot wear a full face helmet due to safety and compatibility issues with instructors.
  • Neck Gaiter/Buff highly recommended for use during flight to altitude.


  • Provide your own helmet for sanitary reasons. After the Tandem portion of your training, acquire a helmet that fits your well and provides good visibility. Discuss with you instructor the differences between a Pro-Tec style helmet, a full face, and any other options.
  • If a non-full face helmet is used, you must purchase ($13.80) your own goggles, or otherwise provide suitable ones.
  • Customer parachute Packing will be distanced from staff rigger and may be outside
  • Do not enter and encroach the area around the staff parachute rigger


Non-Participants should expect to stay in the their vehicles or just drop off and pick up parachutists.

We love our spectators and are excited to have you all back but it is not yet the time for that.