Skydiving Questions & Answers

All Of Your Questions Answered!

Our overview of common skydiving questions and their answers can help you prepare for your big jump with DZONE® Skydiving! In what follows, we cover all of the skydiving information you need to know before you book your adventure, as well as everything you’ll need to keep in mind for the day that you go to altitude.

Skydiving participants need to be at least 18 years old on the day of the jump. The individual needs to be legally liable for themselves when signing the liability waiver, per the Federal Aviation Administration.

No skydiving provider can take on passengers who are under the age of 18. If a provider claims to be able to do so, they are breaking the law. If this provider is willing to break one rule, ask yourself if that’s the only rule being broken!

Our prices vary by location, as follows:

  1. Coeur D’Alene (12,500 feet) and Bozeman (14,000 feet) – $338
  2. Boise (13,000 feet) – $298

We require a non-refundable $80 deposit. This cost goes toward the jump, and the remaining costs are due on the day of your dive.

We do offer gift certificates that are good for up to 5 years, and gift certificates can be applied to either jump fees or media purchases. Certificates are available in $100 increments.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover, but do not accept checks. We do not have ATMs at any of our locations, but you can still purchase photos or videos of your jump.

Are Any Skydiving Discounts Available?

We offer two kinds of skydiving discounts:

  • Freedom Fridays: Active/retired military, law enforcement, and firefighters get $40 off their jump on FRIDAYS only. They also get 10% off media on any day they jump.
  • Group Discounts: Groups 6 or more get $10 off, and Groups 10 or more $15 off.

What Other Fees Apply to Your Jump?

Due to the additional strain that excess weight can cause to our gear and our instructors, we do charge a fee for skydivers above 200lbs. Approximately $2 per pound above 200lbs and there are weight limits when skydiving.

How Much Do Skydiving Pictures and Videos Cost?

It costs $98 (plus tax in ID) for skydiving pictures or a skydiving video. It costs $138 (plus tax in ID) for both photo and video. Here’s a closer look at what you’ll receive with your purchase:

  1. Your video purchase includes the following footage: ground interview, walking out to the plane, taking off, interview halfway up, freefall, parachute ride, landing, end, and post-jump interview. 
  2. Your photo purchase includes 150–200 images which cover; ground, walking to the plane, in the plane, freefall, under canopy, and a few after the jump. The image size is 11 megapixels.

The Big Day: What to Wear, What to Bring & Drop Zones

Where Are Our Skydiving Drop Zones?

DZONE offers skydiving at three locations in Idaho and Montana:

  1. Coeur D’Alene – 11295 N Airport Drive Hayden, ID  
  2. Boise – 24005 N Can Ada Rd. Star, ID
  3. Bozeman – 1680 Airport Rd. Hangar 20 Three Forks, MT

All locations offer tandem jumping and jump school to obtain your license, and they also allow fun jumpers.

What Days Can You Skydive?

All of our locations offer skydiving on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

What Should You Wear/Bring On the Day of Your Jump?

  1. All skydivers need to bring a driver’s license or a government ID to prove age and to jump. Passports are acceptable. 
  2. All skydivers must wear comfortable clothing and closed toed shoes—preferably tennis shoes. We ask that jumpers leave their jewelry either in their vehicle or at home as it can be a snag hazard. We also warn jumpers about possible wardrobe malfunctions with tank top/spaghetti strap shirts. Boots are not allowed, since they may slip off during flight. We do not require skydivers to wear jumpsuits. 

More Common Skydiving Questions

Can You Bring Your Own GoPro?

This is a no. Wearing a GoPro is a safety hazard and only our instructors can wear one. Even licensed divers need to have a certain amount of jumps to use one. 

How Long is the Freefall? 

The jump can last anywhere from 30 secs to 1 min., with about 5 – 9 mins of canopy time. 

How Long Does Skydiving Take?

The whole process takes anywhere between 90 mins to 6 hrs, depending on group size, time of day, and any unforeseen occurrences or weather conditions. Customers will fill out a waiver, get checked into manifest, and when their name is called, the instructor will get them harnessed up. They will take a 17 – 23 min plane ride to reach the jumping altitude. 

How Many People Can Fit in the Plane?

4 jumpers are allowed in the plane at the same time. This can mean either 2 tandem jumps or 4 fun jumpers. A pilot will also be present.

Can Someone Ride in the Plane to Watch?

No. All those who go up in the plane must sign the waiver and be ready to jump.

Can You Skydive After A Knee Replacement?

Can you skydive after a knee replacement? Yes! As long as you’re within the height and weight limits and follow our landing guidelines, skydiving after a knee replacement is generally completely safe.

What Type of Aircraft do We Use?

Our planes are Super Cessna 182’s. They are upgraded with 550 cubic inches, 310 horsepower, wing extensions, and other skydiving mods to provide the best experience in the industry. 

Why is our Pricing Higher than Competitors?

We believe in giving you what you pay for. Unlike other providers, we have green grass landings, private airports to avoid other flying aircrafts, and beautiful scenery to experience at every location.

How Many Flights Can We Do Per Hour?

 We can do 3 flights per hour. After every 3 loads, we will need to take time to refuel.

What is our Cancellation Policy?

Skydivers can reschedule with 48 hours notice. If needed, they can transfer their jump/deposit to someone else. We do not offer refunds on deposits. If you decide not to jump after going to altitude, you will forfeit your full payment.

How To Become A Skydiving Instructor?

The process of learning how to become a skydiving instructor starts with your very first jump, and if you want to go further, you’ll need to complete the USPA Integrated Student Program with the instructors at our Jump School!

What kind of Tandem Equipment Do We Use?

We use Sigma tandem systems and TX2 tandem canopies.

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