Don’t forget to check back often for new Deals and Promotions going on! You don’t want to miss out on a Feel The Freedom® Steal!

Freedom Friday Promotion

We want to thank you for the Freedom!

DZONE® offers Active Duty Military, Retired Military, Fire, EMS, Law Enforcement personnel to receive $40 off your tandem skydive on Freedom Fridays! Which Friday is a Freedom Friday Promotion? Everyone dang Friday, thanks to you all!

Also, if you can’t jump on a Friday, you still get 10% off your media selection of choice (video, stills or both) any day of the week.

That means we offer up to $50 off total on Freedom Fridays! Come Feel the Freedom®!

Group Discounts

Alright, you are putting the band back together? You need something exhilarating. Let us add to the experience.

Get a group of people together and enjoy some savings. It’s easy with our online booking system, you don’t even need to book all at once. Call or go online, make your reservation, and then share the GroupID with your friends and on social media for them to join.

6 or more promotion: $10 off each jumper

10 or more promotion: $15 off each jumper

Everything is always better with company!

Charity Raffles and Events

Do good, be good, feel good, and Feel The Freedom®!

Here you can find upcoming charity events we care about as well as where and how you can win a skydiving experience. It’s charity, so don’t just try and get something for cheap, bid it up for a good cause!

When you jump with us, get the word out and please brag about how much went to the charity! We are all in this together and we love supporting a good cause.