Skydiving Gift Certificates at DZONE®

Do you have a friend or loved one who loves nothing more than a thrill? They seek out adventure and unique experiences. If so, why would you give them socks or a gift card for the holidays or a special occasion? Especially when you can give the gift of a life-changing experience—a skydiving gift certificate from DZONE®! With locations in Boise, ID; Coeur d’Alene, ID; and Bozeman, MT, DZONE® skydiving gifts are great for any of your Spokane, WI-area loved ones. Contact us for more information on how to buy your skydiving gifts.

Give Tandem Skydive Gifts for Novices

You don’t need to be friends with a skydiving expert to give them skydiving gifts from DZONE®. A tandem skydive gift is perfect for beginners. When you choose a tandem skydive gift, you’re purchasing the safest skydiving experience for your recipient. They’ll be attached to a United States Parachute Association-certified professional skydiver by a four-point harness. Let the pro handle the details. They know how to get safely to the ground. All your friend has to do is be present and enjoy the experience, which they’ll be able to do since they won’t be preoccupied with trying to remember the instructions required if they were doing a solo jump. 

Become an Expert at Skydiving School

Do you have a friend who’s already had tandem skydiving experiences and fell in love with the excitement, and wants to make the thrill of skydiving a regular part of their life? The skydiving school at DZONE® is one of the most progressive in the industry. Your gift of a DZONE® skydiving gift certificate can help with class costs that lead to freefall jumps and eventual certification by the USPA.

Looking For A Cool Christmas Gift?

Whether you are looking for a cool Christmas, Valentines day, Kwanzaa, or Birthday gift, DZONE Skydiving can help you with that. If you want to get something for a loved one or friend that will be completely different than the usual pair of socks or book that they will end up forgetting about in a drawer, a skydiving gift certificate will definitely spice up a weekend for them. Whether it’s their first time jump or they are a seasoned pro, this is one gift that will have them flying high.

Give the Gift of Excitement with Skydiving Gifts from DZONE®!

From novice skydivers to our Freedom Friday regular jumpers, they’ll all love skydiving gifts from DZONE! Send your loved ones our skydiving videos to hint at your gift and get them excited about the wonderful surprise you have in store for them! If you’re concerned about skydiving safety, we can help you see just how safe your skydiving gift truly is.

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