Skydiving Height and Weight Limits

At DZONE Skydiving, we care about your safety, which is why we have strict skydiving height and weight limits in place. Before you make your non-refundable deposit, read through our guidelines and give us a call to see what accommodations are possible: 

  • Approximately 220-254 lbs for student/passenger, depends on location : maximum weight limit with proportional height/body shape (requires additional fee – see below for details) 

Why is There a Skydiving Weight Limit?

In order to safely jump, skydivers must work within the maximum limits of the parachute systems. Parachutes are rated for 500 lbs, and after we factor in equipment weight (50 lbs) and the weight of your instructor, the remaining allotment will determine whether or not we can make a safe landing. Weight is important, but we also take height, body mass index (BMI), body shape, and the compatibility between each instructor/student pair into account to minimize risk. Because every body is different, we do have some flexibility in what we can safely manage; call us if you’re unsure. 

Parachute systems are very restrictive, and it’s our job to ensure everything fits properly. Pushing outside these limits can result in uncomfortable and dangerous jumping conditions, causing nausea, loss of circulation, or even loss of consciousness.

Call us first if you’re in the yellow!

Why are There Extra Fees Based on Weight?

Gravity and physics don’t care about how we look, but they do care about mass. Added weight means extra wear and tear on parachutes, more fuel and added altitude time for the aircraft, and more work for the instructor during freefall to keep everyone safe. Under parachute flight, the toggle pressure is higher and creates more work with more suspended weight. 

Most skydiving centers will charge a fee for anyone over 200 lbs, but at DZONE, we allow a grace of up to 214 lbs without fees. We give half the fee directly to the instructor and the other half goes to our aircraft and equipment costs.

Weight Additional Fee
201 – 214 lbs No charge
215 – 224 lbs $40
225 – 234 lbs $60
235 – 244 lbs $80
245 – 254 lbs $100

Need Help?

If you’re unsure about any of this, please call to confirm before you make your non-refundable deposit. Our team can help you determine whether or not we can make safe skydiving arrangements for your circumstances. 

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