What is Wingsuit Skydiving?

When Boise, ID jumpers start skydiving, they’ll wear standard skydiving gear and use a parachute. Very experienced jumpers who are ready to take it to the next level can explore the possibilities of wingsuit flying, also called wingsuit skydiving. This form of aerial adventure utilizes a “squirrel suit” in addition to a parachute. The squirrel suit has webbing between the sleeves and body, and between the legs, earning its name by resembling a flying squirrel. This allows jumpers to glide with more time spent in the air. This extra air time allows for precision, with many professional teams using their wingsuits to make formations in the air.

If you’re interested in taking your Bozeman, MT skydiving game up to the next level, wingsuit flying might be just what you’re looking for! Did you know that DZONE is owned by Abbie Mashaal and his jump team holds three United States Parachute Association (USPA) records in Idaho for their canopy formations? They also hold one of the Idaho State Wingsuit records. Learn more about this exhilarating, extremely skilled sport with DZONE!

How Does Wingsuit Skydiving Work?

The specialized suit for wingsuit skydiving was developed in the 1990s, so wingsuit flying is still a relatively new sport. This suit’s webbing at the arms and legs generates increased lift, which means jumpers spend more time gliding in the air than they do with a traditional skydiving jump. The increased surface area acts like an airfoil. It’s similar to a wing or a sail on a boat. The fabric between the thighs acts as a tail for aerial steering. That’s how wingsuit skydivers can steer themselves into position with other divers to create spectacular mid-air formations. When it’s time to land, wingsuit skydivers access a parachute inside the suit and deploy it for a landing that’s similar to a standard skydiving jump. 

Train for Wingsuit Skydiving at DZONE

The USPA rules make it clear that wingsuit skydiving isn’t for beginners. Wingsuit flying requires a minimum of 200 freefall skydives before making a wingsuit flight. You’ll also need to be certified in solo skydiving with B and C licenses. This is the territory of skydiving professionals, but you can start the process by attending the DZONE skydiving school.

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