What to Wear Skydiving for the First Time

If you are aiming to go skydiving for the first time, then congratulations! You are about to experience one of the most awesomely exhilarating and life-enhancing experiences available to us as humans.

If you have never done it before, jumping out of an airplane in tandem with an instructor is a thoroughly exciting, and yet, likely somewhat anxiety inducing prospect. Your head will be rattling with questions as you get closer and closer to the big day – some abstract, but some also very practical that need answering before you turn up at the dropzone. Here at DZONE® we have all the serious stuff such as parachutes and harnesses for your tandem skydive, but it is also important to put on the correct attire when you are getting ready to join us. Let’s have a look at the best gear to wear…

Goggles and Helmets

At DZONE® we require that each jumper has their own goggles. They are not expensive, are the very same that professional skydivers use, and are good for around a hundred jumps. They cost around $13 at any of our locations and are the perfect souvenir to keep forever as a reminder of your very first skydive.

If you are learning to skydive and aiming for a license, then investing in a helmet of your own is something you are definitely going to want to do. We require all our skydiving students to have their own helmet. There are all sorts of fancy ones that you can seek out later, but a basic lid is a small and worthy cost. It will fit you properly, be comfortable, and you will not have to share it.   


The air gets cooler as you go up in the plane. A good rule of thumb is that whatever clothing is keeping you comfortable on the ground is fine. It might get a little nippy at the top, but you are not up there for long before you jump, and it is much better to be a little cool for a minute or two than to be sweltering for much longer immediately before and after your jump. If it is already cool on the ground we will likely give you a jumpsuit to wear over your clothing, but if it is warm, you will be able to just go as you are – providing what you are wearing is suitable. 

Suitable clothing means garments that you can do a reasonable amount of activity in – meaning neither restrictive in any way or loose to the point of being impractical. Skydiving is a sport, so let that hang in your head when picking out what to wear. Going skydiving is a special occasion, but not one to get all dressed up for. When you arrive you will find we are a casual bunch. The best choice is some light layers with both legs and sleeves – allowing you to be flexible after you have arrived and have found out what the conditions are like. 

We do provide, if needed, use of our DZONE® Tandem Skydiver pants. These are optional and will protect clothing from grass stains when you land and provide a little warmth if it does happen to be a bit chilly. 


Shoes are important because you need to be able to clamber in and out of the plane and to touch down in the landing area. Anything sensible is fine, and by sensible we mean enclosed and with laces that do up tight. Anything that you can consider active wear is good, so no heels, strappy bits, open toes or danglies. Velcro is unreliable. Even if it feels like they are securely fastened, your velcro shoes may well come undone and be claimed by the wind. Losing a shoe in the sky is to be avoided as it is very much against the rules, and you are not getting it back. Unfortunately, cowboy boots are not suitable – and also please be aware that if you have hiking boots that use those little hooks instead of holes, you cannot wear those either.    


Bring what you usually wear about the place. We have goggles that will probably fit over your glasses just fine, and your instructor will help you to ensure they are suitably secure for freefall. Don’t worry, they will check first on the ground and then again at altitude as part of their usual procedures. The same goes for contacts – they are usually fine under the goggles, if you want to wear them. Accidents involving lost glasses or contacts are rare, but we cannot guarantee it will not happen – so it is up to you, and we are not responsible.

If you own some prescription goggles that you have for some other activity, they might be fine to use for skydiving. The best way to find out is to bring them with you and show them to your instructor.  

Other Stuff

You cannot take anything in your pockets. For sure bring your phone or camera to the dropzone, but you will have to leave it on the ground for safety reasons. Let our staff handle the pictures – they are good at it, and it allows you to be fully in the moment. 

Hopefully a few of your questions have now been answered, and you are excited about joining us for your tandem skydiving experience. When choosing what is best to wear when skydiving for the first time, common sense rules the day. Aiming for comfortable and practical is the way to get the most from your skydive, and we look forward to seeing you at any one of our locations very soon.   

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