What Do You Wear Skydiving?

If you are aiming to go skydiving for the first time in Boise or Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, you are about to experience one of the most awesomely exhilarating and life-enhancing experiences available. Jumping out of an airplane in tandem with an instructor is thoroughly exciting, but it can also be anxiety-inducing. One thing that can help quell your anxiety in advance is knowing what to wear skydiving. At DZONE®, we have the parachutes and harnesses for your tandem skydive, but it is also important to wear an appropriate skydiving outfit when you are getting ready to join us. Let’s have a look at what to wear skydiving!

Goggles and Helmets

At DZONE®, we require each jumper to bring their own goggles, which you can purchase for $13 at any of our locations. They’re the same goggles our instructors wear skydiving, and they last for around 100 jumps. They’re also a great souvenir!  

We also require all of our skydiving students to have their own helmet. There are all sorts of fancy ones that you can seek out later, but a basic lid is a small and worthy cost. It will fit you properly, be comfortable, and you will not have to share it.  


When choosing what to wear skydiving, you might be concerned about how the air gets cooler as you go up in the plane. However, whatever clothing is keeping you comfortable on the ground in Bozeman, MT is fine. It might get a bit cold at the top, but you are not up there for long before you jump, and it is much better to be a little cool for a minute or two than to be sweltering for much longer immediately before and after your jump. If it is already cool on the ground we will likely give you a jumpsuit to wear over your clothing, but if it is warm, you will be able to just go as you are, provided what you are wearing is suitable. 


So, what do you wear skydiving that’s considered “suitable?” Garments that are restrictive in any way or loose to the point of being impractical should not be worn skydiving. Remember that skydiving is a sport. When you arrive, you will find we are a casual bunch. The best choice is some light layers with both legs and sleeves that allow you to be flexible after you have arrived. If needed, you can use our DZONE® tandem skydiver pants. These are optional, but will protect your skydiving outfit from grass stains when you land, and provide a little warmth if it happens to be a bit chilly. 

If you wear clothing with pockets, make sure they’re empty before you board the plane. That includes your phone and camera. Let us take care of taking photos for you!



Don’t forget to put some extra thought into shoes when choosing what to wear skydiving in Bozeman, MT. You need to be able to clamber in and out of the plane and to touch down in the landing area. Think sensible shoes, which means anything that you can consider active wear is good as long as they can be tightly laced. No slip-ons, open toes, heels, straps, Velcro, cowboy boots, hiking boots with hooks instead of eyes, or any dangling decorations are permitted. 


Your instructor will help you make sure your glasses are suitable and fit well under your goggles before boarding the plane, and again, once you’ve gained some altitude. Contact lenses are fine to wear skydiving. If you own prescription goggles that you have for another activity, they might be fine to use for skydiving. Bring them with you and show them to your instructor. 

Get Comfortable Skydiving At DZONE!

Now that you know what to wear skydiving, we hope you are excited about joining us for your tandem skydiving experience! When choosing what to wear skydiving, common sense rules the day. Aiming for comfort and practicality is the way to get the most from your skydive. Contact DZONE if you have any questions about what to wear skydiving.

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