Positive Effects Of Skydiving On The Brain

Why do people skydive? While the adrenaline of skydiving and the fun of the experience is part of the package, the benefits of skydiving run even deeper for many Bozeman and Boise thrill-seekers. There are countless positive effects of skydiving on the brain and body, and DZONE® is here to give you a preview.

Why Do People Skydive?

Everyone has their own reasons for skydiving, and at DZONE®, we’d be happy to help you discover your own! Here are some of the reasons why our Bozeman customers take the leap with us:

  • Overcoming Adversity: There are many reasons why you might want to stay in your comfort zone, but if you’re considering a skydiving experience, it’s clear that you want to break free. One of the biggest benefits of skydiving is overcoming adversity and enjoying the sense of accomplishment that follows.
  • Overcoming Fear: If you make the decision to face your fears, your brain will actually reward you! You’ve heard of the surge of adrenaline in skydiving, but your brain also produces performance-enhancing chemicals like serotonin and dopamine during the freefall.
  • Pushing Your Limits: There’s no getting around it: skydiving is intimidating! But if you’ve ever been curious about taking the big drop, accepting the challenge and pushing your limits can be a fantastic gift to yourself. 
  • Expanding Your Horizons: Skydiving isn’t just a fun activity, it can be a great way to meet new people. You’ll meet first timers and old pros who are happy to share their experiences with you— including spending time with a seasoned instructor during a tandem jump!
  • Getting a New Perspective: Some people take a walk around the block to clear their head, but there’s no more exhilarating way to get fresh air than skydiving. While 10,000 feet in the air, you’ll gain a whole new perspective on the world and on yourself. Many even find that they think about nothing in the air, so they can truly be present.

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