What Is Tandem Skydiving?

When you’re looking for a skydiving experience in Boise, ID, you’ll notice that tandem skydiving is offered everywhere. What is tandem skydiving? It means two people are attached to each other when they jump from the plane. How safe is tandem skydiving? Very! In fact, it’s the safest way to skydive, especially for beginners. That’s why DZONE® exclusively offers tandem skydiving. Learn more about how tandem skydiving works, how safe it is, and what to expect when you make a tandem jump from our Bozeman, MT location!

How Tandem Skydiving Works

When you participate in a tandem skydive, you’ll wear a harness that’s attached to your skydiving instructor. The instructor will be wearing a special parachute designed for two people, and will be entrusted to deploy it at the right time. This takes the huge responsibility of deploying the parachute out of an untrained jumper’s hands, and allows them to enjoy the skydiving experience without being worried about doing everything right. This also allows people to experience skydiving with minimal training.

Tandem Skydiving Equipment

Tandem skydiving requires different equipment from solo skydiving. Specifically, the parachute is a “drogue parachute.” It’s deployed early to slow the terminal velocity of the skydivers. The main parachute in the dive is larger than one used in a single skydive to support the weight of two divers. FAA regulations require all tandem skydiving rigs to contain main and reserve parachutes, along with an automatic activation device that deploys the parachutes if it senses the diver hasn’t done so by a certain altitude.

How Safe Is Tandem Skydiving?

Tandem skydiving is extremely safe. Having a skydiving professional in charge of your jump means you don’t have to worry about learning how to do everything correctly. The professional, also called the “tandem master,” has completed all the training to become a professional and knows how to keep you safe on your way to the ground. The fatality rate for tandem skydiving is almost nonexistent. Only one person out of 500,000 tandem skydives has died in the last ten years. 

Experience Tandem Skydiving At DZONE!

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