Leaving The Aircraft

Perhaps the most thrilling and daring thing you can do is jump out of an airplane from thousands of feet in the air. Of course, you want to return home to tell your loved ones: “I went skydiving!” It’s important to understand the basics of how to prevent a skydiving accident so that you can make the jump with complete confidence—and enjoy your experience to the fullest. 

With a tandem jump at DZONE®, your skydiving expert will take on most of the responsibility of keeping you safe. Still, there are certain things you should know before making the jump. Learn about them below!

Skydiving Safety Tips

  • Leaving the Aircraft: As you jump from the plane, keep your hands on the harness and curl your legs back toward the instructor’s butt. This ensures that your legs remain bolstered by the instructor’s legs.
  • Freefalling: During the freefall, do your best to keep your back arched. Think of it like you are trying to achieve the curve of a banana. Your instructor will tap your shoulder, which indicates that it is okay to stretch your arms out and enjoy the fall – and pose for your skydiving pictures! When your arms are free, it is imperative that you do not grab the instructor or equipment.
  • Approaching the Landing: In order to prevent a skydiving accident upon landing, such as ankle injuries or tumbles, maneuver your legs as though you are sitting in a chair. Keep your hands on the harness as you approach the ground.
  • Landing: With your legs up, out, and forward, you and your instructor will complete a butt-slide landing. In rare instances, you may be required to do a Parachute Landing Fall, or PLF. If so, tuck your chin, keep your arms together close to your chest, and ensure your knees are slightly bent. Do not use your arms to break your fall.

Declare to Your Friends: “I Went Skydiving at DZONE!”

Now that you have a sense of what you can do to prevent a skydiving accident, you’ll be a step ahead when you visit DZONE at one of our unique locations! Contact our team when you’re ready to declare to your friends, “I went skydiving at DZONE!” And if they don’t believe you, you will have skydiving pictures as proof.

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