Tips For Cloud Clearance

Airspace cloud clearance is not just important for your pilot, but for you as a skydiver as well. What are cloud clearance requirements? They are special rules put in place to manage air traffic. While it’s perfectly possible to skydive through a cloud without health risks, it’s not the cloud itself that poses the problem— it’s what you can’t see. From hidden aircraft to fellow skydivers to turbulent conditions, clouds can hide a wealth of information that you need to freefall safely. Learn all about the cloud clearance requirements for your next Bozeman or Boise jump.

Why Can’t I Dive Through the Clouds?

The ability to see clearly is essential to a safe skydiving experience. Not only do you want to see the beautiful Bozeman view as you freefall, but it’s crucial to see your surroundings as you jump. Clouds obstruct your visibility severely. When you’re up so high in the sky, you’re sharing the airspace with other aircraft, skydivers, and even birds. Plus, clouds can hide inclement weather conditions as well: turbulent air, rain, and even hail. So while many countries do not have airspace cloud clearance rules, the United States does not allow skydiving through clouds for your own personal safety.

VFR Cloud Clearances

Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) Part 105.17 states that no person may conduct a parachute operation, and no pilot in command of an aircraft may allow a parachute operation to be conducted from that aircraft – (a) Into or through a cloud, or (b) When the flight visibility or the distance from any cloud is less than that prescribed in the following table:

At or Above 10,000 MSL Altitude

  • 1,000 below
  • 1,000 above
  • 1 horizontal

Below 10,000 MSL Altitude

  • 500 below
  • 1,000 above
  • 2,000 horizontal

Below 1,200 feet Altitude

  • 1,000 feet below
  • 1,000 feet above
  • 1 mile horizontal

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