Water Training for Skydiving

Water training for skydivers is designed to minimize risks that come with an accidental water landing. While it isn’t necessarily required for your first jump, a person on the hunt for the most beautiful views may find that they need to complete a water course to jump at their favorite spot. Plus, those who find water landings exciting or challenging have the option to put their training to the test in water-based skydiving competitions like Chile’s National Accuracy Water Landing Championship.

When is a Water Course Required in Skydiving Training?

A water course is required in any circumstance where you’re skydiving near a body of water. Additionally, those pursuing a skydiving license will need to complete water skydiving training in order to receive a “B” certification.

Skydiving is an extreme sport, and jumping out of a plane is inherently dangerous—especially if there’s water involved. Although skydiving injuries are relatively rare, all tandem skydivers should expect to see a flotation device attached to their gear. If you don’t see this flotation device, the dropzone that you’ve chosen is cutting corners. It certainly wouldn’t qualify as one of the best places to skydive.

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Competitive Water Skydiving

While there are a variety of different water skydiving competitions, none is more famous than the National Accuracy Water Landing Championship that takes place every year in Valdivia, Chile—AKA the City of Rivers. In this competition, skydivers jump out of a moving plane and attempt to land on a floating platform, anchored to the riverbed. Points are assigned depending on where the skydiver lands on the platform, and the team with the most points takes home the trophy.

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