When Is Skydiving Season?

When you’re getting ready to plan your next jump, you might wonder, “When is skydiving season?” The answer will depend on a number of factors like region, weather, season, and more. How does that translate into skydiving season for your next trip to Boise or Bozeman? Find out with DZONE®, and let’s start planning your next freefall!

Regional Climate

Your region and climate matter a great deal when determining your local skydiving season. A skydiving company in a warm and mild climate might schedule jumps every month of the year. If you live in a region with four different seasons, most companies will close up shop for the cold months, which are typically late fall to spring. However, you don’t have to let a Boise winter ruin your plans— you can skydive indoors year-round!

Time of Year 

If you live in a state with cold and warm seasons, summer will be the most popular season for skydiving. You get the advantages of the warm, sunny weather and the refreshment of the wind chill. But, don’t overlook spring and fall! The mild weather of spring and the blooming landscape can be a real sight to behold, while the brilliant colors of fall make for a great adventure before winter comes.

Weather and Lapse Rate

Even during the peak of skydiving season, weather can be unpredictable. For example, a rainy spring season can limit the total number of usable jumping days, as it can be painful to hit water droplets while falling at 120 mph. As the weather gets cooler, the lapse rate needs to be taken into consideration as well. This refers to the temperature drop in the air based on height, which is an average 3.5-degree Fahrenheit difference for every 1,000 feet. In more simple terms, if you increase your altitude by 10,000 feet, it will be 35 degrees colder.

What Is The Best Time Of Day To Skydive?

While some swear by morning freefalls, others love a sunset skydive. So, what’s the best time to skydive according to the experts? Many believe that the morning is actually the best time to skydive – and we’re here to tell you why! Learn all about timing your next adventure with DZONE®, and book your next appointment today!

Best Time to Skydive

Skydiving appointments are made throughout the day, and different people have different preferences. So, why do experts recommend booking your appointment in the morning?

    • Weather: Mornings have the most stable weather conditions, as well as the most stable wind conditions. This will lead to a better experience— especially for first-timers!
    • Timing: Tandem skydiving is not allowed at night, so it’s important to time out your jump correctly. With all of the prep work and flight time, pushing your appointment to the end of the day can get you too close to the cutoff. Morning gives you plenty of time to get going.
    • Decrease Time Spent Waiting: Like a doctor’s office can get backed up as the day goes on, so can instructors. Jumping in the morning will allow you to get in (and out of the jump door) right on time. 
    • Instructors: Your instructors work hard to make each jump the best one yet, but a day’s worth of jumps can wear a person out. Most instructors are at their freshest at the very start of the day. What’s more, they need time to set up for the following day and still be well-rested. 

Best Day to Skydive

What about the best time to skydive in the week? Saturdays and Sundays are the most popular days by far. So if you want to avoid the crowds, consider taking a day off during the work week!

Schedule Your Next Skydive with DZONE®

We’ve gone through the best time to skydive, but ultimately, the decision is yours! Feel free to contact us with any questions about the process, and we’ll help you find the perfect time and date. Peruse our two locations and read our FAQs if you’d like to continue your research!

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