Outdoor vs. Indoor Skydiving: What’s the Difference?

Are you considering participating in an indoor skydiving experience? If so, then you may be curious about the difference between outdoor vs. indoor skydiving. The obvious distinction between the two is that outdoor skydiving involves an airplane, a freefall and parachute float, whereas indoor skydiving is a simulation of a true skydiving experience. Consult this guide from DZONE® to learn about indoor skydiving prices, whether there is an indoor skydiving weight limit, and more.

What Is Indoor Skydiving?

Indoor skydiving involves a vertical wind tunnel that simulates skydiving without having to actually jump from a plane thousands of feet in the air. The tunnel produces high wind speeds that provide participants with the opportunity to fly safely on a column of air. Indoor skydiving facilities cater to nearly all ages, and they serve as excellent training locations for skydiving professionals.

Indoor Skydiving Prices

Indoor skydiving prices ultimately depend on the facility you select, as well as the length of time of your tunnel session. What’s more, indoor skydiving prices generally  include training, personal instruction, a few minutes of flying, and a recording of your flight. Keep in mind that indoor skydiving prices will almost always be less than outdoor skydiving prices.

Indoor Skydiving Weight Limit

Is there an indoor skydiving weight limit like there is for outdoor skydiving? Safety is the top priority for outdoor and indoor skydiving alike. Most indoor skydiving facilities cannot accommodate participants whose weight exceeds 300 pounds. Your best bet is to contact your indoor skydiving facility to inquire about their specific weight requirements.

Does Indoor Skydiving Feel Like Real Skydiving?

Many thrill seekers want to know – does indoor skydiving feel like real skydiving? In some ways it does, and in other ways it does not. Indoor skydiving simulates the freefall portion of outdoor skydiving. Of course, the sensation of jumping from an actual airplane simply cannot be matched, so it is certainly encouraged to make the jump in order to experience the real deal!

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