What Does Skydiving Feel Like?

You know that skydiving looks like fun—maybe you’ve even watched a few videos already—but what does skydiving feel like? It’s difficult to capture the feeling in writing, but since the actual dive differs so sharply from most people’s expectations, we can’t help but try and put the experience of “airgasm” into words!

How Does Skydiving Feel?

You know the feeling of when you were little and learned how to ride a bike? That feeling of freedom that you get from being able to go places on your own without having to rely on your parents. Well, a lot of people describe it like that. The feeling of being free. The feeling of going into the unknown. The feeling of adventure. At DZONE, we want to provide you with the opportunity to FEEL THE FREEDOM®! 

Does your stomach drop while skydiving? This one often surprises people, but the answer is no! Since you’re already moving at significant speeds when you jump out of the airplane, you won’t experience anything like what you’d feel on an amusement park ride. The experience of skydiving is entirely unique—and more rewarding, too:

Cold, Rushing Wind

Even on a hot day, you’ll never forget the feeling of the cold air that floods the cabin when you reach altitude and the instructor opens the door of the plane. The wind immediately rushes around you, and it’ll only get louder when you jump.

Floating on Air

Skydiving doesn’t really feel like falling. It’s more similar to floating, since the pressure coming up from below will tend to stabilize you in flight. If you stick your hand out of the window of a car moving at highway speeds and open your palm to the wind, you can start to get a sense of how this pressure feels.

Overwhelming Adrenaline

You’ll be in free fall for less than a minute, but this time is bound to be intense—almost overwhelming. Between the never-before-seen views, the sound of the rushing wind, and the feeling of the pressure rising up beneath you, there’s a lot to take in. What you will feel, without doubt, is the adrenaline rush

With each skydive, your brain will become more adapted to the experience of jumping and descending to the earth. You’ll be able to take in more of the moment and recall more details after you touch grass. But don’t be surprised if the feeling of skydiving, rather than the sights and sounds, is all that you remember before you watch videos of your first trip! Our jump locations in Boise, Bozeman, and Coeur d’Alene are some of the most beautiful you’ll find anywhere—so you’ll be well-rewarded by a second or third trip!


OK, so maybe you like the feeling you get when a roller coaster starts its rapid descent. Although there won’t necessarily be any noticeable G-force when the parachute is deployed, your instructor can execute a few maneuvers to make your canopy time that much more memorable.

Landing in Style

Although there are several ways to land while skydiving, you’ll execute a sliding landing when you book your tandem skydiving experience with DZONE®. Essentially, you’ll kick your legs up and out and land on your butt. Angle your hips ever so slightly to one side or the other if you’re worried about pressure on your tailbone.


Skydiving really can be a life-changing experience. After all, you rose to the occasion and just jumped out of a moving plane at more than 10,000 feet above ground? Is there anything you can’t do when push comes to shove? Skydivers often report a feeling of empowerment, excitement, and desire for adventure that lasts for days or weeks—if not longer.

Find Out How Skydiving Really Feels with DZONE®

As we said from the outset, the experience of “airgasm” defies easy description. Try as we might, we want to emphasize that the best way to find out what skydiving feels like is to book an experience of your own today! Skydiving is safe, easy to start, and unforgettable—FEEL THE FREEDOM® with DZONE Skydiving today!

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