What is AFF Skydiving?

Are you thinking about skydiving in Boise, ID, but you don’t have a lot of time for extensive training? Then AFF skydiving is right for you! AFF stands for Accelerated Freefall, and it’s a form of skydiving instruction that gets you off the ground and out of the plane quicker than any other form of skydiving training.

Steps for AFF Skydiving

Whether you’re in Butte, MT, or Boise, ID, the process for learning AFF skydiving is the same. There are several steps to follow: 

Ground School

Your AFF skydiving course will start in Ground School, which is a full day of class. You’ll learn everything you need to know for completing your first tandem jump. A USPA-rated instructor will be at the helm to guide you through things like how to position your body when you’re in freefall, deploying a parachute and steering it safely to the ground, how each piece of skydiving equipment works, along with emergency procedures. 

First Jump

If the weather conditions allow it, you’ll have your first jump immediately after successfully completing Ground School. In your first jump, you’ll be paired with two instructors who will make sure you’re able to safely skydive with a stable body position, altitude awareness, and correct parachute deployment procedures. 

Continuing AFF Skydiving Education

After ground school, jumpers will perform seven increasingly challenging jumps designed to increase their skills as a skydiver. Successfully passing each of the seven levels requires meeting the expectations associated with each jump level. 

If you’d like to increase how much independence you get while skydiving, AFF skydiving training is absolutely for you. Whether you’re looking to increase your skills and experience, or you’re interested in a skydiving career, AFF skydiving is where you need to start. 

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