Is Skydiving with High Blood Pressure Safe?

Skydiving is a high-speed, thrilling activity that puts jumpers in an unconventional setting. While our instructors have the gear and training to bring jumpers back to Earth safely, we can only account for the actual conditions of the jump. There’s no denying that skydiving is an extreme sport, and just like with any serious activity, it’s important to determine whether or not your health status will limit your abilities. 

If you have high blood pressure or a heart condition that has prevented you from taking part in other high-adrenaline activities, it’s possible that skydiving may not be safe for you. Talking with your doctor is the clearest way to understand what makes sense for your condition. 

What Health Conditions Prohibit Skydiving?  

Despite being an extreme sport, skydiving is actually quite welcoming to many who have perceived limitations. Especially when tandem skydiving, jumpers with disabilities are often given a greater source of freedom in the sky, as free falling opens up mobility and sensory experiences that cannot be achieved on the ground. 

At DZONE®, we’ve helped many jumpers with special needs achieve their dreams of flight, including those who are:

  • Deaf or hearing impared
  • Blind or visibly impared
  • Paralyzed or parapalegic
  • Amputees 

The biggest health concern that prohibits skydiving is weight requirements. Our parachutes can only accommodate a total of 500 lbs between instructor, student, and the equipment itself, meaning that those outside our recommended weight limits may be unable to jump. However, a more common requirement that can prohibit skydiving is body composition. Weight and height are both used as a guideline, so please review our weight limit guide and contact our team before scheduling. 

Consult Your Doctor to Skydive with DZONE®!

Once you’ve determined whether you can skydive with high blood pressure or heart problems, find your nearest location and get ready for an exhilarating experience! Find out more about what to expect from your first jump and other helpful tips curated by our experts. We look forward to jumping with you and giving you a thrill your heart can handle.