Is There Skydiving for Kids?

Can kids go skydiving with adult supervision? The minimum age for skydiving in the U.S. is eighteen—so don’t trust any provider who claims to offer skydiving for kids. That’s true even if your kids will be with an adult, or paired with a trained instructor. 

Of course, adult children are more than welcome to skydive together with their parents, and skydiving together as a family can be an incredible, unforgettable experience. Whether you’re celebrating someone’s graduation or someone’s golden anniversary, you can book family skydiving in Boise and Bozeman with DZONE®.

Kids and Skydiving: What You Need to Know

Kids and skydiving don’t mix well—but we know that for some would-be jumpers, “no” just isn’t going to cut it! If one of your children would like to learn the ropes or get a small taste of what skydiving feels like, look for an indoor skydiving provider who is willing to work with children.

At the same time, let your kids know that you’ll be happy to help them experience the real deal as soon as they’re old enough to consent to the risks. After all, skydiving with the kids can be an amazing way to get everyone off of their phones—and at the end of the day, you’ll all share an experience that you’ll remember for the rest of your lives!

Can kids watch you go skydiving if they don’t plan on jumping? Absolutely—you’re welcome to bring any friends and family to watch you experience your thrill of a lifetime! Just remember, there are risks at a skydiving facility, so anyone under 18 needs to be supervised by their legal guardian or parent.

Once everyone’s of age, book skydiving for your kids at a USPA Group Member provider with solid reviews—just like DZONE®. Safety is the most important consideration in your decision, and all providers with USPA Group Membership, pledge to hold the highest equipment and safety standards. Plus, each jumper at DZONE® is paired with an instructor who will lead them through their tandem jump.

Keep in mind that while skydiving can be safe, it’s ultimately an extreme sport with inherent risks including serious injury and death. Caution is warranted—and older adults should check with a doctor to learn more about skydiving medical restrictions before they sign up.

Take Your Grown-Up Kids Skydiving at DZONE®

If you want to take the whole family on a skydiving adventure, preparedness is the key to an experience that everyone enjoys. Check out our FAQs, read through more of our guides and articles, or get in touch directly to learn more about what we do.

Book Your Skydiving Experience at DZONE®

Reading about how to skydive is one thing—experiencing the jump is another! If you’re ready to get first-hand experience with skydiving equipment and best practices, don’t wait to book your appointment! While you’re here, you can get an even better sense of how skydiving works by watching videos of experienced jumpers who were once just like you!

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